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When we were 16 we discovered that we weren't alone in our head. And we decided to live as an intentional family. Since, we've been diagnosed, asked whether we wanted to integrate, embarked on a journey of wrestling with PTSD and triggers, unloaded a boatload of baggage, and decided that we enjoy our shared life. Along the way we've become a holistic practitioner and a life coach.

This podcast covers many issues about being multiple, about living together in harmony, and more. Our goal is helping other systems with internal community.

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    June 12, 2017 @ 7:10 am

    006 - Can’t We All Get Along?


    Who needs the United Front Boot Camp?

    The first step is figuring out where you are and where you'd like to go. In this episode, we consider how chaos and anarchy don't work for any group entity, internal or external, and how to take a stand and decide you are not going to participate in chaos any longer and invite others to join you. Also includes an effective way to address behaviors that bother you borrowed from The Feedback Model from Manager Tools.

    Trigger warning: United Front is a progressive path towards building internal community and it isn't going to be for everyone. However these principles can be used to create communities from chaos both internally and externally so it may be of use to anyone. Please mind your own triggers: there is nothing in this episode that particularly stands out as a common trigger; it addresses internal disorganization and chaos versus communication methods and coming to consensus with few examples.


    The contents of this podcast are meant for informational purposes only. This podcast is meant only for adults, and listener discretion is strongly advised. By no means are the contents of this podcast series intended to diagnose any illness or replace the treatment or therapy of persons in need. Please seek professional assistance if you are in distress in any way.

    Music and intro vocals by The Crisses, created in Garageband. All contents © Criss Ittermann. Permission to share. And share again.

    The production of this podcast is community supported. Please help contribute, and learn more about what we have to offer at


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